Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) prevention program

Combatting illegal dumping is a growing issue for the region. ISJO was very pleased with the announcement by the NSW Minister for the Environment of funding for the new approach to combating illegal dumping for this region. ISJO its member Councils and neighbouring Councils have been working with the Office of Environment and Heritage and more recently the EPA to develop a new approach to combat illegal dumping across the 18,000 square kilometre area from Wollongong to Bega in the south and the Wingecarribee LGA on the Southern Highlands.

The incidence of Illegal Dumping continues to increase for all Councils and there is evidence that some perpertrators are becoming more organised and covert in their operations and are prepared to dump outside their local LGA. To combat this growing threat, Councils need to be better coordinated and increase their survelliance, intelligence gathering and enforcement in cooperation with neighbouring Councils. Local and regional communities need to be informed of the impacts of illegal dumping and of the risks of being caught, made to clean up and prosecuted.

The new Program will ensure that ignorance will no longer be an excuse, as information, promotion and advertising across the region will be increased with consistent messages.

Under the new regional arrangements, each Council will retain its own rangers, but will increase training, surveillance, and networking and information-sharing between the Councils, to ensure that it is much harder for the offenders to go undetected or escape the consequences.

“Illegal dumping not only detracts from the beauty of our region but the materials dumped are often dangerous to health and degrading to the environment” says the Chairperson, Lord Mayor Cr Gordon Bradbery.