Parthenium weed was recently detected by weeds biosecurity officers with Sutherland Shire Council in a compost heap on vacant crown land within a residential area at Engadine. This is the first recording of Parthenium weed in the Greater Sydney region and east of the Great Dividing Range. The incursion consisted of 3 flowering plants. The suspected source is organic chicken feed supplied by producers in Queensland, via a local rural supply store. This latest detection follows similar findings at 15 other locations across NSW.

Parthenium weed is  identified as a significant biosecurity risk to NSW and Is listed as Prohibited Matter in Schedule 2 of the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015.  

As part of the response effort to these incursions NSW DPI have establishedd an Incident Management Team whom have asked all Councils and Weed Control authorities in NSW to inspect their High Risk Pathways (HRP), High risk sites (HRS) and other lands where Parthenium weed may potentially establish. Other sites include livestock (including poultry)  feed areas (particularly if feed has come from QLD), earthworks (including roadwork sites), and areas of disturbed/bare soil (roadsides, cultivated areas, poor pasture). 

As part of its commitment to this response the Illawarra District Weeds Authority (IDWA) will be undertaking inspections of a number of its HRP and HRS, particularly in the corridors that travel through the Engadine/Sutherland Shire area on the northern boundary with Wollongong City council. The IDWA is also asking all residents to be on the lookout for Parthenium weed and to note the location and call the Illawarra Weeds Authority on 42 331129 for plant identification and assistance if they suspect they have found Parthenuim weed.

For further information on this weed please refer to the attached media release and Parthenium weed information flyer or follow the link:



Parthenium Weed