Weed Spotters are only being asked to look for and report State prohibited weeds.

This does not include common and wide spread weeds like, blackberry, lantana, Giant Parramatta grass or Bitou bush even if they are new to your part of the Illawarra region.

How to report State prohibited weeds.

When making a report remember to include the following details to help IDWA Officers to follow up on your report as quickly as possible:

  • Your name
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your email address
  • The name and/or a brief description of the plant you wish to report
  • The number of plants you have found or spotted
  • Location where the plant was found or spotted (specific references to streets or landmarks are helpful)

To report a State prohibited weed call 0418 481134 or send an email to info@isjo.org.au

Weed Spotters will be kept informed of the status of their report throughout the process. IDWA is not asking Weed Spotters to become involved in the on-ground management of these weeds, however Weed Spotters do play a valuable role in informing the IDWA on the location of our highest priority and highest risk weeds- State prohibited weeds.

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